NO ART CLASSES on Wednesday 5/6 or 5/13 (time 6 - 7:30pm)


Not Crafts, Creative Thinking:

Art, Art, Art...Here in the Kansas City area, we’ve taken our passion for art and created sessions and classes where we can have fun, collaborate, explore different cultures in art and express feelings. We provide a comfortable and safe environment to learn the vocabulary of the arts as well as think creatively while having a good time. And, we highly encourage sharing and displaying works to develop a sense of pride in self and appreciation of others’ talents.

Like art, people are unique. They have different interests, strengths, personalities and skills. But people develop the best when both sides of the brain are being used and challenged. While most of the society focuses on the left hemisphere(logical, analytical), the right hemisphere (emotional, intuitive, creativity) often gets slighted.  



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